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The teacher let student to go to the hospital by the Education B

Close paragraph of time,children Department of child health care became very busy ,so close paragraph of time ,to measure the intelligence quotient of students increased significantly .It is some teachers Underachievers in the class to do IQ ,parents are mirrorred is due to their poor performance drag class hind ,affected the class performance .
Yesterday, the reporter was informed that ,in view of minority teachers in primary and middle schools for students of poor school performance ,require parents to take their children to the hospital for IQ approach .
Wuxi City Board of education and city hall Supervisor Office jointly issued a notice ,is strictly prohibited for middle school students IQ ,two departments will carry out special supervision, for the existence of such erroneous practice school and teacher ,in various Pingyoupingxian one-vote veto .
Reporter Ding Bo ( integrated Jiangnan Evening News ) parents :for doctors to low IQ scores reported according to Wuxi local media ,some parents should expect the doctor to give their children play low .
Said that if the child intelligence quotient is low,Christian Louboutin Shoes, so even if the result difference will not affect the performance of teacher .According to the media reports of the children statistical data shows ,this year there have been nearly 500 students to the hospital IQ test ,this number almost reached in previous years combined ,now want to measure the intelligence quotient or even need to make an appointment to 11 by the end of .
Mr. Lin is Anhui tin workers, son of 11 years old just read in the fourth grade ,Christian Louboutin USA,achievement is not very ideal ,the teacher should parents take their children to children test iq .Some children measured IQ was 68 points ,the parents take hospital IQ test report to the teacher ,the teacher is not satisfied .
Parents often receive the teacher ,then begged doctors to play a low mark .The guardian said ,IQ scores and low ,does not affect the teacher evaluation .According to child health doctors, to IQ testing are the basic requirements of the teacher .
The doctor said ,some parents with other children IQ test report copy ,allow physicians to detect IQ ,this also invaded the children .To the hospital measured IQ children ,only a small part of IQ scores are a bit low .
The doctor points out ,at present the measured IQ score does not represent the future of IQ has been the scores .As long as the parents more guidance ,christian louboutin sale,more education ,IQ is fully capable of improving .
Teacher: is performance appraisal there yesterday, the reporter contacted some educators ,Louboutin Shoes,to let the children to do IQ this thing ,they are more or less knows this matter, but also very helpless .
An insider tells a reporter ,now primary school teachers is the implementation of the performance salary ,class performance and teacher performance appraisal hook ,class performance is very poor children apparently dragged class hind ,affect the class honor and interests .
Although primary school is a helicopter ,but the class examination pass rate is guaranteed .Once a child IQ showed relatively low, the teacher can apply to the above ,such children can not included in class performance and evaluation .
In addition ,the general IQ test are in primary school one or two grades school when more, is said to be older, the measured data will not be accurate ,high grade children that measured IQ scores are generally not recognized by the school .
When it comes to parents allow doctors to score lower on this matter ,the person is not recognized, he said only the parents try to let the doctors get scores slightly to play high, this can let the teachers pay more attention to the growth of children ,rather than blindly guessing the teacher mind ,deliberately playing low scores is not necessary .
But some doctors also try to give a child will score high ,give the child self-confidence .Department of Education :on illegal schools and teachers one-vote veto for minority teachers in primary and middle schools for students of poor school performance ,require parents to take their children to the hospital for IQ approach ,the Wuxi City Board of education and city hall supervisor office October 28th jointly issued a notice ,is strictly prohibited for primary and secondary school students of test ,two will launch special inspection ,the presence of such erroneous practice school and teacher ,in various Pingyoupingxian one-vote veto .
The new Wuxi city about checking stoutly and correct requirements for middle school students IQ wrong way notice pointed out ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,primary and secondary school students body and mind development although there are individual differences ,but by IQ means of evaluating the students mental state ,and even the students future development orientation ,is the broke the rule of education and students development law of errors .
Around the education administration departments ,all primary and secondary schools ,the teachers to resist this kind of phenomenon and behavior .The near future will be on primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to carry out a thorough investigation, revealed the presence of teachers requirements ,induces the student to the parents of the children were IQ wrong behavior, resolutely stopped and rectified ,and the related persons responsible for serious treatment .
Say 1words tested can not be a scapegoat and accountability children learn does not follow to go up, the teacher first thought is IQ ,what it reflects is a kind of teaching mentality ?Learning is not good to poor intelligence = = = low IQ with teachers never mind .
Only a short while ago make no social distinctions in teaching has been dropped ,to cultivate the pillar turned into not material will not need to spend time training .Of course ,teachers also complained to his frustration ,performance appraisal so that they will not have the burden to the student body .
The current board of education stopped the part of teachers wrong practices, further action on illegal schools and teachers one-vote veto severe sanctions ,contained the only performance of tendency ,but in order to fundamentally solve the problem ,I or from the performance evaluation method reform to begin, only when the school for teachers appraisal from the single exam pass rate is extended to the improvement of students ,the teacher come very naturally would not use intelligence to some of the children one-vote veto .
For who grade 130 or higher IQ scores very extraordinary extraordinary 110-119120-12990-10980-8970-79edge ofthe middle 69 belowintellectual deficiency to share: welcome to comment I want to
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Restaurant to buy 631 catties super grouper can accommodate near

Heft 631 jins super grouper yesterday morning, a Shengzhou restaurant a heft 631 jins super grouper to farms in Shengzhou near the display.Grouper just one appearance, attracted many people stop to watch the past.
"Wow, this fish is too big it, is just like a bull."When a woman sees a large groupers when marvel.After the measurement,Christian Louboutin USA, the fish body length of 2 meters,christian louboutin outlet, 0.6 meters wide,christian louboutin sale, weighing 631 kg, equivalent to 5 adults with weight.
After the introduction, the big fish from the sea by a fisherman near Hainan Island,Christian Louboutin, capture, store owner to spend money to buy and use the train back to Shengzhou.Jewfish is generally live in the 80 meters to 100 meters of the deep sea, leaving the water will soon die, this fish is the day before yesterday from water with ice storage.
Merchants ready to big grouper after cutting please cook,Louboutin Shoes, for consumer taste, according to the conventional calculation, can accommodate nearly 800 customers consumption.Photo by Zhu Gang (editors: SN0
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Colleagues after drinking safety cart home for dinner Figure

Finished the drink, in order not to drunk driving,christian louboutin outlet, we put the Jetta vehicle back reporter car British taken last night, Mr Wong and a group of colleagues to finish the drink cart home reporter car British oxygen when you in the street,christian louboutin sale, to see the 10 man pushed a car, what is your first reaction?My car is broken.
Wrong, they drink!Last night, Silicon Valley street, Changchun appeared on the scene.Carts are Changchun City a company employee.Last night, in the Silicon Valley Street Hotel dinner, everyone drank a lot.
Dinner is about to end, company manager Zhang clap thighs said: "Oh,Christian Louboutin Outlet, just visit happy, we all drank a lot, this home also to driving.Put a car in the hotel one night really do not rest assured."Employee suggestion for the driving, but everybody did not drive personnel telephone.
Being daring, company president Huang said to everyone, we put the car back to it, a total home in prosperity on the road of red apple, it is not far from here, when the right to exercise the body.This suggestion has been all employees' response.
After the dinner,christian louboutin, general Zhang sitting in the vehicle control steering wheel,christian louboutin uk, the other being pushed the Jetta vehicle along the Silicon Valley street to the prosperity of the road slowly.Laughing and talking all the way, also sang a happy song.
Many people see this very surprised, they asked him: "dude, the car is broken to be happy!"Seven ten in the evening from the airport to arrive at seven fifty-five, red apple.In 45 minutes, they cart away nearly 5 kilometers.
Although we are very tired, but very happy.The reporter learned from the traffic police department, if in an engine motor-car case, a steering wheel, and by human or other vehicle traction, not drunk driving.
However, the traffic police department points out, in the pavement on the cart, there are certain traffic safety, traffic behind these people would have a security threat.The police suggested that, in order to avoid drunk driving, or should be placed on vehicles to a safe location, or to find acquaintances drive.
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Argentina 90 veteran parachutist birthday celebration

According to Xinhua news agency, Argentina, a veteran of 16 days in a central Cordoba province for an aviation club successfully ejected, celebrated his 90 birthday.The old man named beltran.On the morning of the same day, he was in the capital of Cordoba Province,christian louboutin shoes, Cordoba City,Christian Louboutin Shoes, Olmedo Colonel aviation club, from 3000 feet and successful parachute.
"Too beautiful, the success of the cabin,christian louboutin outlet, a successful landing."Beltran parachute after successful for his feat to celebrate.After the doctor had to worry about his safety,christian louboutin uk, advised him to have been so old don't try skydiving such adventure sports.
But Beltran persuaded family, adhered to his decision: "I too want from air to jump again, feeling out of the ordinary."Beltran joined Argentina in 1944 the first air force,Louboutin Shoes, retired after the paratrooper career always think constantly of.
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The United States Navy commando to dazzle gun accidentally kille

The United States a "seal" commando 5 to a woman "showing off" pistol, but injuring yourself, 8 died.Three level Marine Sergeant Jean Clayton, who is 22 years old,christian louboutin uk, from Poland ohio.The United States "San Diego Union-Tribune" report,christian louboutin outlet, Clayton 5 morning 2 when the left and right sides were injured, 8 in the morning in San Diego Scripps Memorial Hospital death.
Reuters quoted the San Diego police officer Alan Thrasymachus as saying: "obviously, he went to the (bar) and with a young woman to go home, while playing with a gun accidentally hit his head."According to him, this is the incident, "not intentional behavior".
Police said, by Clayton took home the woman first asked Clayton to put the gun on the side,Louboutin Shoes, but Clayton insists on to show off, pick up a 9 mm caliber pistol, aimed at his head,christian louboutin sale, pulled the trigger.Police concluded, Clayton thought that the pistol was loaded.
The navy is investigating the incident.Clayton in 2010 March to serve in the United States Navy,Christian Louboutin USA, completed last month "Navy Sea, land, air commando training project", originally scheduled for this month to west coast special operations forces service.
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